In our Sicily travel guide you will find a wide collection of many of the spots to see on the island. As it is one of the most beautiful and historically relevant regions in the world, a confluence of traditions and cultures of the Mediterranean area; here you will find art and history (museums, churches, archeological sites dating back to the dawn of mankind), the seaside (from long sandy beaches to secluded little inlets, take your pick!) and nature reserves, alongside plenty of cities that combine the modern and the ancient to offer you a complete and satisfying experience. Not to mention traditional dishes, places to shop and magnificent views.  You will be able to choose your perfect vacation home based on your requirements thanks to this very practical guide that is divided in sections and areas of interest.   

Western Sicily


Main events: “Misteri” procession in Trapani, Cous cous Fest in San Vito Lo Capo, “Cassatella” feast in Custonaci, Calatafimi-Segesta Festival at the ancient amphitheatre of Segesta.

Must buy: A bottle of Marsala wine, a bag of “busiate” pasta, a can of “trapanese” pesto; lovely hand-crafted souvenirs such as laces and crochets, as well as typical ceramics can be found in Erice.

Northern Sicily


Main events: The“Festino di Santa Rosalia” (Santa Rosalia day) in Palermo, The “Antinna a mari” in Cefalù, the Cannolo day at Piana degli Albanesi (near Palermo).

Must buy: A ceramic souvenir from Santo Stefano di Camastra, a “Pupo Siciliano” puppet from Palermo, a bottle of Malvasia wine from the Aeolian islands.

Eastern Sicily


Main events: The Pistachio fair in Bronte, the Taormina film Festival in Taormina, Sant’Agata celebrations in Catania, the Carnival in Acireale, “Ottobrata zafferanese” food and wine fair in Zafferana Etnea.

Must buy: a bottle of almond wine from Castelmola, a jar of pistachio pesto from Bronte, lava-stone souvenirs from Mount Etna.

Southern Sicily


Main events: “Infiorata” in Noto, “Saint Lucy’s day parade” in Syracuse, “Carnival” in Sciacca, “Sagra del Mandorlo in fiore” (“Blooming almond tree festival”) in Agrigento/Valley of The Temples.

Must buy: cherry tomatoes from Pachino, near Noto and Marzamemi; a chocolate bar from Modica – or more than one (thousands of flavours are available!).

Central Sicily


Main events: the celebrations for the Holy Week in Enna and Caltanissetta, Saint James’ day and the “infiorata” in Caltagirone.

Must buy: Caltagirone pottery and terra-cotta items of course, from any of the tiny picturesque shops in the historical centre of the town.

Savor Sicily: A Culinary Journey

Indulge in the Tempting Delights of Sicilian Cassata: A Rainbow of Flavors Awaits!


Explore the Best of Sicilian Cuisine: Top Food Festivals & Delicacies

Introduction to Sicilian cuisine’s rich diversity and the unique flavors that set it apart.


Unique Sicilian Experiences

Stromboli Volcano, part of the Aeolian Islands, with plumes of smoke rising from its peak against a clear blue sky. Volcano Stromboli Archipelago Eolie Sicily Italy


Explore the unparalleled wonders of Sicily; From its UNESCO World Heritage sites to the captivating volcanic landscapes.

Discover Sicily’s hidden treasures as you explore its UNESCO sites and active volcanoes like Etna, Stromboli, and Vulcano amidst fiery mountains.


  • UNESCO sites in Sicily. Provide insights into Sicily’s World Heritage sites and their historical and cultural importance.


  • Sicily’s volcanoes. Into the Fire: Sicily’s Volcanic Wonders – A Journey to Etna, Stromboli, and Vulcano

Explore Sicily’s Hidden Wonders: Secret Spots & Quirky Finds

Discover the heart of Sicily by visiting its old city markets, hidden towns, and amazing places like the Grotto of Ice, which shows off the island’s real beauty.


Explore Sicily Beyond the Tourist Trails: Secret Spots & Hidden Gems

Introduction to discovering Sicily’s less explored or known facets, offering an authentic experience. Suggestions for lesser-known natural reserves, historical sites, or cultural practices entice adventurous travelers to explore Sicily’s hidden beauty.


  • Street Markets. Highlight the vibrant street markets that offer a taste of local life, products, and traditions.


  • Grotta del Gelo. Europe’s Southernmost Glacier, Showcasing Mount Etna’s Majestic Icicles and Snow-Clad Trails Within Its Hidden Cave.”