Looking for a place to grab a bite while spending your Sicilian holiday in one of our villas in Catania? Let us give you some hints:

FUD, Via Santa Filomena, 35, +39 095 715 3518

People are willing to stand in line for hours to eat here. The strong point of this cozy locale in a small but lively street of the historic city center is certainly the quality of the ingredients, all 100% local. The sandwiches will make your mouth water, and the choice of desserts and beers will make you lose your mind. The pizzas and salads are also very good.



Recently FUD has opened a cocktail bar right across the street with a spectacular selection of drinks, like one made with sea water, and tapas.


Buatta, Via Crociferi, 42, +39 095 873 7739

On their website, this is how they define themselves: “The buatta, in Sicilian dialect, is a container. We like to think of our restaurant as a container of the excellence of the Sicilian territory, prepared with devotion and the proper calmness, combined with extremely high-quality craft beer.” A fresh, welcoming location for a carefree evening among friends, sipping a beer and nibbling a cunzatizzo.


Alta Mira, Via Enrico Adolfo Pantano, 77, + 39 095 746 3306

A place where you can feel more at home than at your home. A place where you can go sip your afternoon tea and taste a fragrant slice of pie. It is simply furnished and will make for a pleasant evening of sampling something light and delicious: sandwiches, buckwheat crepes, unique salads and other simple dishes.


Agorà Hostel, Piazza Currò, 6, +39 095 723 3010

In Catania simply known as “the hostel,” and it is, in fact, a hostel where you can sleep, but all the locals come here to eat and drink. Its peculiarity is that everything they make is really good (highly recommended: pizza or couscous) and that their cocktails are excellent, with very contained prices.

Often there is live music, the atmosphere is young and informal.


Cutilisci, Via S. Giovanni Li Cuti, 69, +39 095 372558

Pizza in a unique location: a little marina that seems painted in watercolors as a backdrop, with the scent of the sea enveloping you. The pizzas will not disappoint you either, made unique and particular by the addition of typical Sicilian ingredients, such as cheese, capers, pistachios and almonds.