Maree Via Serisso, 15/17, Trapani, +39 334 780 6869

Fried Mediterranean fish. Their fish is all sustainable and fished locally (cuttlefish, calamari, octopus, sardines, red prawn), their menu simple and inexpensive.


Cooksicily Nuara, via Bastioni, 2, Trapani, +39 340 242 7212

Enlist in a Sicilian cooking class, learn a traditional recipe and then eat your creation. It will be tastier, also because even if you make a mess, it all ends up in the same pan.


Pasticceria Maria Grammatico, Via Vittorio Emanuele, 14, Erice, +39 0923869390

Mrs. Grammatico is in her seventies and she is a star whose fame goes beyond the borders of Sicily: thanks to her sweets, and of course, to her book, Mandorle amare. Una storia siciliana tra ricordi e ricette, where she tells about how she learned to make her remarkable cookies, cannoli and almond sweets.


Cantine Florio, Via Florio, 1, Marsala

Even Giuseppe Garibaldi stopped by the Cantine Florio when he landed in Sicily. Why shouldn’t you stop here too? For a guided tour with a tasting at the end, or even better, you can organize your wedding in the Cantina: there are vaulted ceilings, plenty of barrels, and seating for at least 350 people. And the quality of the wine is guaranteed.


Trattoria Due Colonne, piazza Matrice 76, Favignana +39 0923 922291

An excellent restaurant in the picturesque setting of the main square of the island of Favignana. It serves mainly traditional fish dishes with great care for the freshness of the products, which mostly come from the tonnara nearby. In fact, you will find many locals having their meals here, which is always a good sign.


U Bar du Marinaru, Via Molo S. Leonardo, Favignana, +39 329 128 6108

Right in the port of Favignana, their pistachio coffee is an experience you will never forget. Try it with one of their delicious pastries.


Tenute Plaia Ristorante, Contrada Scopello 3, +39 0924 541476

From the terrace you can enjoy a magnificent view over the Castellammare Gulf and they use the produce from their garden. Legend has it that the crew from Ocean Twelve (including Clooney and Pitt) spent the night here at the agriturismo while they were shooting some scenes for the film.


Casa del Cous Cous, via San Vito Sardo 2, San Vito Lo Capo

The owner, Enzo Battaglia, son of a local fisherman, was mayor of the town from 1978 to 1991 and founded the Cous Cous Fest. You will find many variations of the dish here, along with many other traditional preparations, all in a magnificent open-air location.