The Menfi area was the site of human settlements since ancient times. Some historians think that the city Inico, seat of Cocalos king of the Sicani, rose near today’s village of Porto Palo, considered Selinunte’s eastern port.

We think that this is the area where the Saracens landed in their conquest of Sicily, where they established their first settlements. After the Muslims left Sicily, the area remained uninhabited until the Spanish arrived. In 1638 the construction of the first nucleus of Menfi began.

The beaches in this area have fine golden sand and crystal clear water. For 20 years in a row Menfi has been assigned the Blue Flag by the FEE (the European Foundation for Environmental Education), in recognition of a land that has centered its attention on quality, purity, and excellence. In the stretch of coastline that goes from the river Belìce to the river Carboj you will find sandy beaches, a fascinating reef, hills distinguished by the peculiar natural phenomenon of shifting dunes, and a very peculiar section of dazzlingly white pebbles.