There was a time, before the rise of the Roman Empire, when Sicily was the heart of the ancient Magna Graecia. Today, history has changed, but in this island you can still admire the best preserved Greek temples of the earth. For history and culture lovers we picked a few Sicily villas near the Valley of the Temples: staying in the area you will have the chance to reach all the archeological parks in Western Sicily, the one near Agrigento of course, as well as Segesta and Selinunte temples.

The Valley of the Temples is the ancient acropolis of Akragas, the original Greek name of Agrigento. The archeological park includes 10 doric temples, 3 sanctuaries and a high density of necropolis along with the ruins of a whole neighbourhood. Among the other areas and buldings of the archeological park you will also find the bouleuterion, the old seat of the council that ruled the city. Nowadays, this is the largest archaelogical park in Europe: booking one of our villas in Sicily near the valley of the temples you will have the chance to witness all the majesty and the fascination of the Ancient Greece era. 

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Blue Sea Cottage

Menfi From: €2,050 to: €3,700 per week

The cottage's name aptly sums up the location of this property, which is perfect for lovers of the sea and nature.

  • Cottage a few steps from the sandy beach
  • Large 5-seater jacuzzi with heated water
  • Delightful living room with large windows directly onto the patio
  • 4+1 Sleeps
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms

Selinunte temples 17km-10miles
Sciacca 27km-16miles
Golf Course 35km-20miles
Scala Dei Turchi 74km-45miles
Agrigento city center 85km-52miles

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Villa Emerald

Bagheria-Mongerbino From: €3,600 to: €6,300 per week

Amazing villa with private pool and veranda looking on the sea, for really pleasant al fresco moments, just a short drive to Palermo and other stunning Sicilian...

  • Stunning villa with panoramic view and private pool
  • Veranda and patio outside furnished for enjoyable lunches
  • Natural colours play an important role in the sought-after villa
  • 8 Sleeps
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Pool

Ippocampo - nearest Lido 90mt-0,05miles
Mongerbino downtown 1,4Km-0,86miles
Porticello 4,4Km-2,7miles
Bagheria 6Km-3,7miles
Palermo Unesco 18Km-11miles

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Villa Lilla

Scopello - Castellammare del Golfo From: €1,900 to: €3,800 per week

A contemporary villa for 9 with private pool in a rural setting near western Sicily’s stunning beaches

  • Stylish villa surrounded by the colours of nature
  • Photovoltaic and solar thermal system for the production of clean ener
  • Stylish furniture and bright rooms
  • 9 Sleeps
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
  • Pool

Castellammare del Golfo 6Km-3,5miles
Guidaloca beach 6Km-3,5miles
Scopello 9Km-5miles
Segesta Temples 26Km-16miles
Trapani 36Km-22miles

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Villa Sara

Sciacca From: €2,650 to: €5,050 per week

Sicilian villa nestled in the countryside with exceptional views and a 10 x 5m salt-water swimming pool.

  • Nice villa in the countryside
  • Private pool with solarium
  • Living room with a large French window to admire the panorama
  • 8 Sleeps
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Pool

Maragani beach 4Km-2,5miles
Capo san Marco natural reserve 8Km-4,9miles
Sciacca/Menfi city center 6Km-3,7miles
Porto Palo beach 14Km-8miles
Selinunte archeological park 30Km-18miles

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Villa Corallo

Sciacca From: €21,000 to: €46,200 per week

Villa Corallo, in a privileged position with a breathtaking panorama over the Sicilian sea, is located in the Luxury Verdura Resort.

  • In a postcard location with an unending view of a crystal-clear sea.
  • An infinity pool and terrace for alfresco dining, overlooking the sea.
  • In the heart of one of the best Resort/Golf Club in Europe.
  • 8 Sleeps
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • Pool

Within a prestigious 18/9-hole golf club
Sea 1,7Km-1,05miles
Ribera nearest village 8Km-4,9miles
Sciacca 15Km-9miles
Porto Palo beach 39Km-24miles