Sunset on Stagnone

Sicily has always offered ideal places for dream vacation spots.

Cuisine, landscapes, nature, and the richness of its historical heritage are the key to its success and the characteristics most appreciated by visitors who have decided to stay on this enchanting island.

Today, we are going to discover the “City of Wine, Wind and the Thousand”, or Marsala, known for its homonymous wine and its exposure to the winds, which make even the hottest summers pleasant because it is caressed by fresh sea breezes. It was also the port where Garibaldi and the thousand landed at the middle of the 19th century, from which our Italy began.

Its fortunate geographical position, in the western tip of the Sicilian coast, in addition to favoring the growth of vineyards, allows you to enjoy long beautiful days and spectacular sunsets.

Moreover, the proximity to other enchanting places such as Mazara del Vallo, the island of Favignana, Trapani, and San Vito lo Capo will allow you to organize beautiful trips out of town, a few kilometers from each other and easily accessible by car.

family near fountain of Chiesa del Purgatorio in Marsala

Based on the itinerary, you can choose a vacation home in Marsala in an excellent location that is equipped with the most sought-after comforts.
Let’s discover the City of Wine together:

Must-see tours in Marsala

While you can easily organize many activities on your own, for others, it is best to rely on organized tours or specialists in the industry.

Thanks to expert guides, you can discover all the fun facts, the real “gems”.
Don’t worry about the costs!

The tours we will talk about are available in different alternatives, for each price range: from the most basic, for a few dozen euros, to the most exclusive ones.

Scent of Sicily, Marsala Salina

Wine tasting in a cellar in Marsala

Marsala, known mainly for its wine, offers many occasions to taste its celebrated wines and rich delicacies, directly in one of the many wineries in the area.

You will have the opportunity to take part, for example, in a Marsala wine tasting at the Cantine Florio, one of the most beautiful and ancient cantinas in Italy, or in more complete tours which include, for example, a visit to the Marsala salt pan with a boat tour of the lagoon and a wine tasting afterward.

Organize the visit in the afternoon, especially for the second type of tour, so that you can enjoy the sunset directly on the Marsala Salina.

The entire salt pan will be tinged with the same colors as the sunset, creating a poetic landscape and, probably, the background of your best photographs.

Island of San Pantaleo – Mozia

The island of San Pantaleo – Mozia, or rather an islet, measures only a few hundred meters in diameter and is precious for the ruins and finds of the Phoenician civilization, the beautiful windmills, and the magical salt pans, including its sunsets and unmissable scenarios.

Getting to the island takes only a few minutes by simple boats.

Once disembarked, we recommend that you take the path that crosses the entire island and indulge in its pristine nature.

The route offers splendid panoramic views and is recommended for both sweet couples and lively families with children.

After the walk, we advise you to cool off in the pine forest and enjoy the view of Marsala, the sea, and the ancient salt pans. Take your time to contemplate the beautiful landscape and breathe the sea breeze.

Finally, there is the must-see small museum of Phoenician archaeological finds, which has a lot to tell about the history of our Mediterranean sea. A fascinating leap in time and a real experience in contact with the places and nature of thousands of years ago.

Outdoor activities in Marsala

Some activities require organized tours or guides, but the activities below do not require a guide and can be organized quickly for a magnificent experience.

Marsala has a lot to offer!

What to see in the historic center of Marsala

For lovers of the Sicilian territory and smaller towns, Marsala is the perfect destination and still retains its authentic flavor, despite the many tourists who visit it throughout the year.

In the summer period, August, in particular, Marsala is populated by many tourists but is never too crowded. It is very livable and has several quiet, almost secluded areas.

If, on the other hand, you organize your vacations in other months of the year, you will appreciate the peaceful flow of daily activities and the authentic sensations of a quiet Sicilian town.

The city center can also be visited in a single day, but if your idea is to reside in one of the vacation homes in Marsala, take more time to discover it a little at a time and appreciate its less banal sides.

For sure, you can’t miss:

  • Porta Garibaldi, through which Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Thousand passed, and Porta Nuova
  • The elegant Piazza della Repubblica which houses the Palazzo Comunale and the Chiesa Madre dedicated to the patron Saint Thomas of Canterbury
  • The beautiful Chiesa del Purgatorio and the Chiesa dell’Addolorata, which deserve to be visited for their well-kept and precious interiors
  • The Antico Mercato, home to the characteristic fish market and capable of transforming itself into the center of nightlife, with numerous places to dine and then have drinks with friends
  • The Ipogeo di Crispia Salvia is an ancient burial chamber that dates back to the third century B.C. It is a real treasure chest of Marsala. It is necessary to book a visit in advance. If you love this type of visit, you cannot miss this opportunity.

Riserva Naturale dello Stagnone

Easily accessible by car and suitable for groups of friends and families, it is located just ten minutes by car from Marsala heading north.

It is the largest lagoon in Sicily and, since 1984, has also been a nature reserve.

The landscape fully preserves its natural characteristics thanks to the scarce presence of human footprints, allowing you to fully enjoy this enchanted place.

The landscape offers an unparalleled view of the salt flats, the magical windmills, and the four islands that emerge from this lagoon:

  • Isola Grande (it can be visited on foot by crossing the shallow water and Caribbean waters of the San Teodoro reserve)
  • Isola di San Pantaleo (it can be visited by boat)
  • Isola di Santa Maria
  • Isola di Schola

So, enjoy a day at the beach, and in the afternoon, do not miss a visit to the Stagnone to witness an enchanting sunset. It will feel like you are in a place where time seems to have stopped.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the small but very intriguing Museo del Sale!

San Teodoro beach

North of Marsala and passing through the Riserva Naturale dello Stagnone and the Salt Pans of the Marsala Lagoon, we find the enchanting San Teodoro beach.

It is one of those places that you must visit if you have chosen a vacation home in Marsala or if you are passing through. You will certainly not regret the stop!

On the front, the beach offers a wonderful view of Isola Grande and Favignana; while on the opposite side, it is possible to admire the grandeur of Monte Erice, a few kilometers away.

If you are looking for a place where you can let your children run around safely or where you can admire a romantic sunset in the company of others, you have found the perfect place!

The very shallow and incredibly crystalline water creates dry areas in the sea where you can lie down and sunbathe. Despite the beauty of the location, there are never excessive crowds.

It is one of the most representative postcard places in all of Sicily for the perfect combination of the breathtaking view and the beach’s beauty.

Lido Marakaibbo of Marsala

If you are heading south of Marsala, you can reach the popular Lido Marakaibbo, loved by locals and tourists, in a few minutes by car.

The beach is equipped, and finding parking will not be a problem. These features make it ideal for any type of tourist, including large families and intimate couples.

The fine, ivory-colored sand and clear water are ideal for unplugging and enjoying some well-deserved relaxation.

The seaside area extends for several kilometers and is ideal for lovers of long walks on the beach and for those who love to have lunch by the sea, thanks to the numerous kiosks, bars, and restaurants in the area.

Staying in the City of Wine

An area so rich in natural beauty and gastronomic products deserves to be visited properly.

If you are short on time, we have suggested what to see in Marsala in a few days; while if you intend to spend your entire stay in this area, you will be spoiled with choices.

Choose the perfect villa in Marsala, Sicily

Choosing the right villa in Marsala, Sicily is important as it will allow you to optimally organize your stay and activities: from a villa, a stone’s throw from the sea to another surrounded by nature.

The various and unique activities offered by the beautiful town of Marsala are just a simple description—a taste of what you will really experience.

The several kilometers of coastline give life to a landscape with multiple views and breathtaking places, where you often have the feeling that time does not flow, while the historic center will surprise you with its hidden beauties and stupendous wineries, in the city as in the splendid surrounding countryside.

That’s why we recommend looking at our Marsala vacation packages and staying in one of our villas in Marsala, Sicily!

You can enjoy double the pleasure on your vacation, one to discover the beauty of the location and the other to discover the comfort and amenities of your Scent of Sicily Villa in Marsala, Sicily.

After a day at the beach, or discovering the historic center, or perhaps after a delicious tasting of the fine wines of Marsala, what could be better than returning home and diving into the pool and then enjoying the barbecue? Or maybe it is better to imagine waking up in the morning and rushing to the beach directly from your home?

We try to make your vacation unforgettable by suggesting the most interesting destinations in the enchanting city of Marsala and guaranteeing you Marsala vacation rentals that live up to your most refined expectations.