Villa with pool in Palermo or surroundings

Vacations in Sicily are considered among the most requested and unforgettable.

Scent of Sicily’s daily commitment to the care of its villas and clients allows it to give its guests moments of pure harmony and well-being.

You have the possibility to choose accommodations a few kilometers from Palermo or in its magnificent surroundings, which are characterized by wonderful Sicilian landscapes.

Palermo’s villas with swimming pools in the city and its surroundings can satisfy your every request and expectation, making your stay an extraordinary experience.

In the first case, you can “get lost” in Palermo’s historic center, fascinated by Sicily’s millenary history and its unique flavors well known throughout the world.

Suppose you decide to stay in its surroundings. In that case, you will have the opportunity to visit the numerous beaches, bays, cathedrals, and villages saturated in culture and landscape and see the architectural treasures that shouldn’t be missed.

The Pretoria fountain

Let’s take a look at the themes we are going to evaluate in this guide:

Palermo’s villas in the city or its surroundings?

Before you figure out your ideal destination, it is useful to understand why you should opt for one alternative or the other.

The advantages of staying in a Palermo villa

By choosing a villa in Palermo, you will have the opportunity to visit one of these beautiful destinations:

The Cathedral of Palermo

Built around 1200, it is the splendid religious symbol of Palermo, where you can admire the strong Arab influence.

Capo’s Street Market

It is the beating heart of the city, characterized by strong colors and sublime flavors. The start of the market is indicated by the majestic Porta Carini and is considered the place to find the best fish in the city, the perfect background for its excellent street food.

There are also two other markets in the city, Vucciria and Ballarò.

The Norman Palace

Located in Piazza Indipendenza, it was the home of the kings of the Kingdom of Sicily, and it is still the oldest royal residence in Europe today.

Inside is the Palatine Chapel, in which the golden finish typical of the Norman-Byzantine style stands out.

The Pretoria Fountain

This masterpiece by the sculptor Camilliani has a very interesting story because it was transferred from Florence to Piazza Pretoria.

These attractions are just a small taste of what the city has to offer.

The advantages of staying in a villa in Palermo’s surroundings

Staying near Palermo, on the other hand, will allow you to visit:

Boats on the beach of Bagheria


It is a beautiful town east of Palermo, a couple of kilometers from the beautiful coast and reachable by car in 10 minutes.

It is well known for its natural and cultural destinations. In the first category, Bagheria offers Monte Catalfano Park, a natural park full of nature trails and breathtaking views, the “spiaggia dei francesi” and Capo Zafferano.

Among the destinations of cultural importance, you can visit the Toy and Wax Museum, the beautiful Villa Valguarnera, and the surprising Villa Sant’Isidoro De Cordova.

Detail of Monreale Cathedral


This is a small Arab-Norman village located inland and just 20 minutes by car from Palermo, characterized by its cultural relevance known throughout the world.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova has made Monreale one of the Unesco heritage sites, thanks to its beautiful history and magnificent beauty.

Among other historical sites, you can also visit the Diocesan Museum and the Monastery of San Benedetto.

Fun lovers will love the beautiful Acquapark, the water amusement park of Monreale.

Panoramic view of Cefalù


Cefalù is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy thanks to its fantastic medieval historic center.

It is characterized by its crystal clear waters, golden beaches, and its proximity to Palermo. It takes less than an hour by car to reach it.

San Lorenzo Cathedral in Trapani


It is also called “Città della Vela” (“City of the Sail”), due to its windy climate, and “Città del sale” (“City of salt”), due to the great economic importance it plays in the salt trade.

Its historic center hides Baroque buildings, numerous churches, and breathtaking castles.

Trapani is very well suited for a day trip and can be reached from Palermo in about an hour. The road also runs a few dozen meters from the sea, allowing you to improvise beautiful panoramic stops.

The beautiful Cathedral of Marsala


It stands in the westernmost point of Sicily and is distinguished by the beauty of its beaches, wine production, and contained historic center.

About an hour away from Palermo’s center, it is the ideal destination for a day visit.

The splendid island of Phoenician origin, Mothya, is of particular importance. It contains remains of the ancient Phoenician colony, its beautiful museum, which houses the refined statue (the young man of Mothya), and its vineyards.

The islet of Mothya is immersed in the natural reserve of the Stagnone Lagoon, which houses numerous species of sedentary and migratory birds: herons, pink flamingos, knights of Italy, and other species.

You can see the ancient salt pans of Phoenician origin; the Arab geographer al-Idrīsī already documented the presence of the salt pans in the period of Norman domination in Sicily.

Surely you can admire some of the most beautiful sunsets of your life here.

Finally, the lagoon is home to numerous water sports, including kite surfing (competition scene for international competitions).


Discover our offers of Palermo villas with a pool

Why choose a Palermo villa with a pool?

All travel sites and tourist guides consider the Sicilian sea one of the most beautiful in the world.

In fact, there are the beaches of Cefalù, Altavilla, Capaci, Mondello, Trappeto, and many others.

Choosing a villa with a swimming pool does not mean having to give up the wonders of the Palermo sea; instead, it will give you extra freedom during your stay.

If you decide to go to the beach to admire the coast, you can do it comfortably because you will always be able, in a short time, to change your mind and reach your Palermo villa with a pool, which can offer you:

Luxury vacation

Renting a villa with a swimming pool in Palermo through Scent of Sicily means having the opportunity to be guided through a path of daily luxury.

Finishes, furnishings, design, and attention to detail create a real journey into the sumptuousness of your stay.

Privacy in a private villa with a pool

Let’s be honest; we all need our privacy, especially when we are on a high-end vacation.

We need moments of privacy to lower our guard and allow stress and daily problems to slip away, to leave a void to be filled only with well-being and tranquility.

The villas’ location and configuration will allow you to benefit from all the privacy you need.

A peaceful and relaxing stay

The available properties for rent are carefully selected to respect this fundamental characteristic, relaxation.

Being able to relax, appreciate the silence, and enjoy the sound of the sea is fundamental.


Services offered in the villa

Although often overlooked by clients who are only looking for a location, the services are a real added value, capable of further enriching your vacation.

Large rooms, air conditioning, spa, solarium, patio, BBQ, whirlpool, and private access to the beach are just some of the countless services and features that our facilities offer.

It is now up to you to choose your ideal accommodation, and if you have any doubts, the staff of Scent of Sicily will be happy to help you make the most informed choices suited to your needs.


Maximum comfort of the vacation home

Almost all of the Palermo villas with pools have several beds well above the standard family of four.

In addition, the main tourist destinations, Palermo, and its surroundings can be reached by car without particular problems, allowing you to have a unique experience in Sicily.

Scent of Sicily is committed to ensuring relaxation, privacy, and tranquility every day, especially in their villas, thus ensuring everyone’s maximum well-being.


Vacation in Palermo: the richness of the territory

Staying in Palermo and its surroundings will be like retracing this wonderful land’s entire history, from prehistoric times to the modern era.

You will have the opportunity to admire a “real” city, able to offer you a unique and captivating experience.

Entering the Palermo fruit and vegetable markets, the fish market, and the shops will make you feel like an integral part of that world, which will incite strong and authentic emotions.

After a relaxing day by the sea or pool, you can enjoy the center of Palermo, admiring its historic districts (Capo, Ballarò, and Vucciria) and tasting the best local specialties, such as panelle, sfincione, and arancine.

Every day you will have the opportunity to decide whether to enjoy your meal in your beautiful villa, to get lost in the historic alleys of the wonderful inland towns, to taste the best street food or opt for one of the many typical fish restaurants in the area.

Rent in Palermo: a villa with a pool

The beautiful landscapes, the quiet environments, and the wonderful structures will make your vacation exceptional and unprecedented.

The Sicilian territory, and, in particular, Palermo and its surroundings, certainly facilitates our task, giving us a crystalline sea and beaches with unforgettable colors and characteristics. Every day you can decide whether to go to the beach or take a swim in the pool, whether to dine in a typical restaurant or cook on the BBQ.

The great variety of culture, architecture, food, and landscapes is shaped to create an infinite number of possible solutions, suitable for making every client feel at ease.

Relying on Scent of Sicily does not just mean simply choosing a villa with a swimming pool in Palermo or its surroundings; it means buying a service with a high added value. Taking care of your vacation, we guarantee you will have days of unforgettable luxury, well-being, and comfort.


Discover our offers of Palermo villas with a pool