How to organize your vacation in Syracuse, Sicily

«In Sicily lies the key to everything. The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the earth. Anyone who has seen them only once will possess them for life».

Wolfgang Goethe composed these verses during the Sicilian leg of his “Journey to Italy” in 1786. The island left him enchanted and “in love”. He visited places of extraordinary beauty with the same amazement of a child: Taormina, Palermo, Messina, Catania, Syracuse.

In fact, Sicily has always been one of the flagships of our Peninsula, not only for the beauty of the coast and the sea but also for the artistic and cultural heritage of its cities of art.

Staying in Syracuse, Sicily means having a 360-degree travel experience: in addition to the sea and relaxation, the Sicilian resorts offer refined shopping, art, culture, and unique culinary heritage—not to mention the vacation homes, which are real architectural jewels.

View of the beach in Sicily

You need to know how to explore it best:

Vacation in Syracuse, Sicily: find out how to organize the perfect trip

If you are planning to spend your holiday in Syracuse, Scent of Sicily is undoubtedly the starting point of your trip.

With us, you can choose vacation homes in Syracuse from a collection of villas selected according to the highest quality standards to ensure that your vacation on the island is unforgettable.

Scent of Sicily has a team dedicated to finding the best locations and real estate properties: villas in privileged locations with excellent levels of comfort, which are converted into luxury homes for your vacation in Syracuse and its province.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags!

How to choose the best vacation villa in Syracuse

In organizing your Sicilian vacation, the fateful moment will come when you’ll have to choose the house where you will stay.

Among the luxury villas selected by Scent of Sicily, you will find the most suitable one thanks to the vast portfolio able to satisfy your most peculiar needs: size, number of rooms and bathrooms, location, view, garden/terrace/pool, level of privacy and silence, style, furnishings.

The images accompanying the descriptions are a full immersion in the interiors of the villas.

It will feel like you have entered the room, taking a virtual tour inside and outside the villa.

The accommodations range from large villas for large families and children to locations with a more intimate and reserved atmosphere.

The choice is yours!

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Vacation rentals in Syracuse, Sicily: which one should you choose?

To be sure you’re making the right choice, it is good to establish your top needs.

  • Do you want a quiet and peaceful home?
  • Do you prefer to stay in the center and move around only on foot?
  • Do you want to stay near the seaside?
  • Do you want a swimming pool?
  • Do you have small children?
  • Are there many of you?

Thanks to Scent of Sicily, you can choose the perfect home for your dream vacation.

Villas with private pools

Villas with a private pool are the most popular choices when children are involved.

Even when not on the beach, children can spend carefree hours splashing around in the water, and parents can relax by the pool and enjoy a spectacular view.

The choice of renting a villa with a swimming pool is also perfect for groups of friends, making your holidays in Syracuse, Sicily unforgettable.

Imagine an exclusive night party by the pool or a lunch or barbecue in the garden!

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Villas on the beaches of Syracuse

The beach villas selected by Scent of Sicily are the best choice for those who want to have an intimate experience with nature and the basic elements of Sicily: crystal clear water, clean seabed, romantic rocky coves.

Feel the scent of the sea at home, wake up to the sound of the waves, enjoy an aperitif with friends with a spectacular view of the sea, get out of bed and go directly into the water … all this is possible thanks to the wonderful villas with private access to the beach.

By choosing one of our villas by the sea with a jacuzzi, you can also enjoy a relaxing hydromassage while watching the sun go down at sunset.

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Ancient farmhouses

Farmhouses and farms represent the perfect vacation home in Syracuse for those who do not want to give up the quiet and extraordinary beauty of the Syracusan countryside.

Immersed in the Mediterranean scrub and surrounded by gardens of typical plants and flowers, these charming villas will welcome you with tree-lined avenues, private pools, patios, gardens, and all kinds of comforts, a short distance from the seaside and the fascinating Baroque cities of eastern Sicily.

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Loft Terrace

Those who want to stay in the heart of Syracuse’s city can opt for the loft and penthouse solution with a panoramic terrace.

There are central apartments that are bright, furnished in a modern and sophisticated style, with splendid sea views and a covered veranda for group lunches and dinners.

Nearby you will find restaurants and shops, and within a few minutes’ walk, you can visit the city’s most beautiful monuments.

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What to see in Syracuse, Sicily and its surroundings

The city of Syracuse, lying on the south-eastern side of the island, is one of Sicily’s most evocative destinations.

From prehistoric times to today, it is here that mythologies, legends, ancient traditions, and cultural stratifications have crossed.

Dominant in the Hellenic period, Syracuse was also a Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Swabia, and Spanish city.

Walking through the streets of the historic center and in the narrow streets of the adjacent island of Ortigia, you can admire the symbols of this multiculturalism. For example, the Greek Theater of Syracuse, Sicily overlooks the city and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. In addition, you’ll be able to see the Roman amphitheaters, Norman Palace, Baroque churches, and Arab courtyards.

Along the way, you will be fascinated by the sudden glimpses of blue that will open up before your eyes: it is the sea that frames the island!

Do not miss a visit to the church of Santa Lucia alla Badia, a few steps from the Cathedral of Syracuse, where a work by Caravaggio, The Burial of Santa Lucia, is preserved.

The south-eastern part of Sicily is also rich in parks and reserves of great naturalistic interest, such as the Vendicari Nature Reserve (famous for its wonderful sandy beaches) and the Necropolis of Pantalica.

Together with the nearby baroque towns of the Val di Noto, the latter is one of the 47 Italian sites considered a World Heritage by UNESCO.

Don’t wait any longer and come and discover the wonders of our land!