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– Environmental Sanitisation (with a Third-Party Certification)


Cleaning Protocol (internal)

  1. Sheets and towels: specialised laundry sanitises the linen provided during the rental. The personnel in charge of changing the linen uses disposable gloves.
  2. Cleaning staff: the cleaning staff of the villas uses the following items:

2.1. Mask

2.2. Disposable gloves

2.3. Footwear

2.4. Headset

2.5. Hand disinfectant gel

  1. Cleaning personnel uses alcohol/Candeggine for cleaning surfaces and direct contact elements.
  2. The kit of disposable products for guests includes:

4.1.  Hand disinfectant

4.2. Antibacterial detergents

4.3. Antibacterial wipes for surface cleaning

  1. Air conditioning: constant monitoring and cleaning of the air conditioning filters.


Villa Sanitisation

An authorised and specialised company is in charge of the villa sanitisation.


– Cancellation Policy

A full refund of the reservation will be provided if the government (or equivalent state body) advises against travel due to COVID-19:

  1. During the booking period
  2. And in the specific area where the booked accommodation is located

In all other cases, the general booking conditions will apply (specifically articles 5, 6 and 7, found at Booking Conditions).