It is impossible not to mention street food when speaking of Sicilian cuisine, especially as it ranks the first places of the world street food chart according to Forbes.


Panelle are made of chickpea flower, water, parsley, and salt. The batter is then fried and cut. Panelle are usually eaten with bread, in a sort of sandwich.


Panelle are often combined with crocchè, potato croquettes with pepper and parsley.


Also called arancina, this is possibly the most famous street food in Italy. It comes from the western part of the island. It is a cone or a ball made of flavored rice, breaded and fried. The classic flavors are meat sauce or butter, but there are many variations, including chocolate.


Pizza has many Sicilian declinations, especially in small pieces such as calzoni, puff pastries, croissants, ravioli etc. The best-known Sicilian pizza is the sfincione, which originated in Palermo and then spread to the rest of the island.


The sweet side of street food is exemplified in the cassatella, a smaller version of the cassata a forno in some ways, but different because they are single portions and fried rather than baked in the oven. It is a pocket of shortcrust pastry, flavoured with wine and filled with ricotta cream.