Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ballarò street market!

Ballarò is one of the oldest street markets in Palermo, one of the most lively and surely picturesque of Sicily. Its name, Ballarò indeed, recalls its ancient arab origins, as it is Sicily’s outdoor market tradition, which explains their similarity to Arab suqs. This incredible street market is located in the city center, extending from Piazza Ballarò – in the Albergheria district – along Via Ballarò and to Corso Tukory, a few steps away from the central station, so it’s very easy to reach. 

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Sicilian street markets are known worldwide for being an authentic explosion of colours and enchanting scents of fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. They are always very crowded and noisy but this is their peculiarity: vendors shout very loud – and in dialect, of course! – to attract locals and tourists and to promote their tasty specialties. Sicily is definitely the land with the highest number of street markets: Palermo has 3 amazing local markets, Vucciria – which means “chaos” in local dialect – and Capo, but Ballarò it’s the largest one; Catania‘s most famous street market is A’ Piscaria, where you can buy some of the best sicilian fresh fish. Other remarkable Sicily’s fish markets are located in Trapani and Sciacca.

Visit Ballarò or other sicilian street markets means to live a great cultural experience that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime, because this is absolutely one of the best way to experience the unique atmosphere of Sicily. Walking through the outdoor shops and stands, you will be in front of a real example of daily life in Sicily, a melting pot of different cultures and ancient popular traditions. Street markets are also the best place to taste some of the delicious sicilian street food such as sfincione and panelle, an unforgettable triumph of flavors… You’ll just be spoilt for choice! 


Video credits: Scent of Sicily’s Facebook Page