Summer is coming and if you have planned to spend some days in Sicily with your family, but you don’t know where to go, we recommend you to book one of our family villas in Sicily and go to Marina di Ragusa.

Planning a holiday is not easy, we all know that, and it’s even harder if you have chosen to spend your holidays in Sicily, because it’s full of great places to visit. Let’s give us the opportunity to make your choise a bit easier suggesting you a wonderful place to visit: Marina di Ragusa.

Why you should visit Marina di Ragusa

Marina di Ragusa is one of the best seaside resort that you can find in Sicily and you can reach it very easily by booking one of our luxury villas. Its beaches are “top notch”, as someone could say. If you’re still wondering why you should go there, we’ll give you not one, not two, but five reasons(!) to go there and have a really nice holiday.

  • The beaches. Marina di Ragusa is well-known for its beaches, because its sands are the finest you can find on the island. Just for this reason, a lot of tourists came to Marina di Ragusa every year enjoying the sea and, obviously, the sand.
  • The churches and the monuments. Of the old seaside village only the Torre Cabrera and the Santa Maria di Portosalvo’s church remains. The first one is located south of Duca degli Abruzzi’s Square, while the church is located north of the central square.
  • The Tourist Port, a nevralgic point of the city, which can provide you numerous services, such as booking a boat trip. This place reaches its peak in the evening, when hundreds of blue lights come on creating a truly suggestive and romantic atmosphere, especially for the people who want to have a romantic walk on the pier.

The cultural places around Marina di Ragusa

As everyone could expect, a place like Marina di Ragusa is full of history, which can be known by making a visit to the most cultural places around the city, like:

  • The museums and the archeological site. The Kamarina’s archeological museum gives you all the information you need on the history of the ancient maritime cities of the Hyblean coast. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to visit the Caucana’s archeological site, which preserves the remains of the late ancient port city of Caucana.
  • Val di Noto. Marina di Ragusa is near to most of the main touristic destination in Val di Noto, which is the perfect starting point for a tour of the peculiar baroque cities, 18 of which have been included in the UNESCO heritage in 2002.

We really hope we put really high expectations on you and that you will decide to book one of our family villas in Sicily in order to have a really nice time here. So, don’t forget to check our website to choose the villa that fits you the most.


(Top image: Sea of Marina di Ragusa; Source: Pixabay; Credits to: milito10)