We already know that’s still early, we’re only in february and maybe you’re not even thinking about booking a villa in Sicily in order to spend your holiday there. But the hot season is not that far away and if you don’t book a villa in Sicily now, maybe you won’t be able to do it later.

You really don’t wanna miss the opportunity to swim in the clearest waters you’ve ever seen, or maybe to relax being surrounded by the majestic verdant nature of the Mediterranean. Well, you will do all of these things only if you book one of Scent of Sicily’s villas from the catalog.

Bring your pet on vacation with you!

Do you have a pet, but you’re afraid that you have to leave it at home or in a pet-lodge? Don’t worry, because pet friendly villas in Sicily is the part of our catalogue where you can book a villa inside which you can bring your beloved pet. These stunning villas also have a large garden where your dog can run as long as it want. Let us give you some examples of pet friendly villas in Sicily:

  • Villa Lory, which is situated six kilometers away from the city of Marsala, and also a few hundreds of meters from he nearest beach. The villa is surrounded by some breath-taking landscapes and stunning white-sand beaches. If you decide to book this gorgeous villa you absolutely can’t miss the saltpans of Marsala, and we recommend to go there at sunset, in order to attend to an incredible view;
  • Villa Selinunte Garden. Situated next to the Selinunte archeological site, just for this it would be worth booking this spectacular villa. Let’s say that you wanna to spend most part of the day at the site and then, once at home, you want to take a swim in your pool or play with your pet in the garden. Well, if you book this villa, you will be able to do it!

If you need a large garden, we have the villa for you.

Let’s paint this scenario: you’re a family with children or you’re a group of friend and you want to spend a completely-relaxing holiday in Sicily. We have what’s right for you. In fact, the part of the catalog called Sicily villas with large garden gives you the opportunity to book a lot of great villas with a large garden, surrounded by gorgeous vegetation, which will provide you an incredibly relaxing experience. In fact, you will experience a whole new level of relax, recharging the batteries after a year full of work. Don’t forget to check it up in the website if you want more information!

Some villas with large garden you can find inside the catalog:

  • Villa Marina, which is situated near Campofelice di Roccella. This villa is an authentic oasis of peace surrounded by greenery and it’s recommended for the ones who want to spend an holiday between the green hills and the blue sea;
  • Villa Bianca Ponente, which is situated in the heart of baroque Sicily, not so far from Ragusa. This majestic villa includes a huge pool which is located inside the amazing garden. And what to say about the view that this villa can offer? It’s simply outstanding. You will be very lucky booking this villa to spend your holiday in Sicily.

…And if you want to be alone, there’s a countryside villa in Sicily waiting for you

If you want to spend your Sicilian vacation away from the cities and you’re doing this because you want to have an extremely relaxing holiday, you gotta book one of our villas in Sicilian countryside. This type of villas are perfect for people who want to have a peaceful holiday in Sicily, away from the noise that is typical of cities. But don’t think even for a second that booking this type of villas means giving up the typical comforts of a luxury villa. In fact, you can find villas with swimming pool in our catalog, for example, so check it up.

Some villas in Sicilian countryside:

  • Villa Deva, which is located near Modica, in the South-East of the region, is one of the best good-looking villas of the catalog. I mean, just look at the pool, it’s stunning. This villa in particular is really convenient, because is near to many restaurants and is near to many beaches too;
  • Villa Nature’s embrace. Well, the name says enough about this villa. This one is surrounded by the mountains and the sea, which, as said by the name of the villa, embrace it. It’s an authentic jewel in our catalog. Personally, is one of my favourites. This villa offers a breath-taking view of the sea and a mountain one too. Plus, the parquet floor around the swimming pool is astonishing. This villa is near the natural reserve of Mt.Cofano, which is reachable directly by the villa.

From our team, we hope you’ll have a nice holiday in one of these villas, but don’t forget that these are not the only ones in the catalog.