Summer in Sicily lasts something like 6 months, and it’s impossible to stay there all this time if you haven’t booked one of our villa on Sicily island from our catalog. Let’s say you want to spend your holidays in Sicily, and you’ve heard about the wonderful Favignana island, and you cannot resist to visit it. Have you ever wondered why everyone wants to go to Favignana? The answer is obvious: you want to go to Favignana for its wonderful sea. Favignana is also called the “butterfly island” due to its shape. Favignana is also one of the best seaside resort of the region, and it is worth to be visited at least once in life. So, if you want to go there you have two options:

  •  Book from our catalog a villa on Sicily island located on the west coast of Sicily, that will also give you the opportunity to reach Favignana.
  • Book one of our villas located directly on Favignana’s territory.

Anyway, in both cases you will be able to have an incredible vacation.

Favignana allows all types of travelers to make their own choice: if you are a family with children you can choose to go on perfect sandy beaches to allow your children to play in complete tranquility.

If, you are a group of friends who want to have fun, Cala azzurra and Cala rossa are waiting for you! There are some good reasons behind the names of these two places. The name of Cala Rossa finds its origins in the Punic wars, because is thought that the blood of the fallen have been colored the waters of this place. In addition, the Cala Rossa area offers perfect locations for snorkeling as they are dotted with characteristic coves. Cala Azzurra is called this way because the massive presence of algae.

Obviosuly, the main reason to visit Favignana is to take a swim in its spectacular sea, but that’s not the only thing you can do there: Favignana is also an interesting archeological site, where you can find some Phoenicians testimonials and also Early Christian graffiti.

A little example of Historic villas you can book from our catalog in order to have a nice vacation in Favignana:

  • Villa Lilybeum, which is located on the island (Sicily), but is really near to the coast, where you can take a ferry to reach Favignana. This villa includes a big salt-water swimming pool, and it’s surrounded by worderful verdant nature. This is one of the best villas of the catalog, so hurry up, or someone else will book it before you!
  • Villa Faro, which is located directly on Favignana’s territory. Villa Faro is a fascinating and stylish villa in Favignana, which offer a great view of the sea and includes a swimming pool and a relax area in the garden. This villa in particular is really close to Cala azzurra (<1km), so you can reach it even by walking.

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(Top image: Sea of Favignana; Source: Pixabay; Credits to: milito10)