Sicily is the biggest island of the Mediterranean and the largest region in Italy. Its population is over 5 millions, it features 9 provinces and 390 towns. There is so much to see and do, even locals could hardly have it all (just think that it is one of the regions with the highest density of UNESCO sites, 24). So, whether you are planning a road trip or not having a car is vital for your holidays in Sicily. There is no doubt you will want to get around once you are here, and renting a car is the easiest fastest way to do it. You can rent a car once you are on the island, but we suggest you to book in advance. Scent of Sicily is a partner of Skyscanner: after you click on the banner, you will be redirected on Skyscanner website, you just have to follow the instructions to book your car rental. You will be free to discover every hidden corner of this beautiful island: its secret places, uncontaminated natural sites, breath-taking landscapes. Its main cities such as Palermo, the Sicilian capital, Catania, with its stunning baroque historical center will be just a short drive away from your villa.